TV DX equipment currently in use: (3/8/19)
ATV:Panasonic 11" Color (CT-1110B)(Sep 1982). 
DTV: LG 24LN451B  -  connected to Zenith DTT900 DTV STB (both with manual channel tuning).
          Haugpauge WinTV HVR950Q Hybrid TV Stick and SW
 UHF: Roof/tripod mounted CM 4251 Parascope (7' parabolic-screened 1 inch chickenwire) (25'AGL),
            Yaesu G450a Rotor & Winegard AC4990 Mast Mounted preamp(still works!).  RG-11 Coax Cable.
           Winegard KU-420 (4-Bay Bowtie)(16'AGL  in attic)connected to JVC AV-32230 TV & Insignia NS-DXA1 DTV STB.
 VHF/UHF: Winegard Heavy Duty Platinum VHF UHF (HD8200U)- (20' AGL Pole mast mounted below APS-13 FM Antenna) 
            VHF/UHF Preamp: Channel Master Titan2 CM7777.
            Yaesu G450a rotor - RG-11 Coax Cable.
Other equipment /software/dx aides:
TSReader Lite SW - DTV TSIP IDs.
Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera - ID photos.
DX related propagation/databases internet websites (WTFDA/government/radio amateur/etc).
Currently used dx helps:
o FCC Info - now on Google Earth (www dot fccinfo dot com/fccinfo_google_earth dot php) station locations
o WTFDA DX Bulletin Board (wtfdadxbb dot vci dot net/index dot php) Prop tips
o TVFM Skip Log (dxworld dot com/tvfmlog dot htm) prop tips, also
   Excel files of fcc TV station info - including calculated distances to Dxer qth
o DXMaps 4.0- QSO/SWL/Real Time Maps - prop dx tips
o VHF Propagation Map (aprs dot mountain lake dot k12 dot mn dot us) tropo prop aprs reports)
o DXIndo Centre dot com (Tropo Propagation Forecasts - Bill Hepburn site)
o Forums dot (dxer helps on UNIDs etc)